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Dec 30, 2012 6:30am EST
been -- he had the big mo going in. best political theater u. n. ambassador susan rice spinning the benghazi attack. she ended the soap opera with letter withdrawing from her petition for the united states. >> that's the worst? worst is my friend clint eastwood. in the empty chair. >> now wait a minute. >> brought it out -- >> a lot of people liked that. >> it was okay -- i mean it was interesting. >> not good -- >> it blotted out all the film of the great things mitt had done. >> eleanor? >> that's right. okay worst political theater i'm more serious. the senate republicans voting down the u. n. treaty on people with disabilities after senator bob dole made an appearance pleading for passage in his wheelchair. and they just ignore -- they set a low and they ignored him. >> susan? >> i'm going to say again the fiscal cliff because fun the watch but frightening for taxpayers and damaging -- >> ence. if you can cover this up. >> i can guarantee -- >> i agree with -- i agree with you. the fiscal cliff is the worst -- i mean they know what they got to do. they just don't want to do
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am PST
, susan rice we just discussed, peter diamond, a nobel economist who couldn't get a vote. let's be clear, we're not talking about people voting down nominees. that is in the constitution and their right. what we're talking about is the context of preventing votes on these people and thus hamstringing the newly reelected president, nick. >> once again, it's asymmetrical, it cost the senate republicans nothing to do this. it costs obama something to fight it, to push through, to have the fight, and it's worth it to them, not only on a symbolic level, but a substantiative level of defining who is acceptable for one of these cabinet posts. >> wouldn't it have been better, nick, for president obama on susan rice to let the republicans have the spectacle of pushing around this african-american woman and ordering her to explain she didn't stop an attack on benghazi? >> they obviously decided it wasn't. i'm not sure why. >> on the politics, your former colleague wrote about this, if white house operatives really believe because hagel is a republican former senator and the gop already got its sca
Dec 31, 2012 9:00am PST
twisting in the wind, susan rice, instead of training fire on republicans. >> information a politically motivated attack on her. she probably had the least to do with the attack on benghazi. why she was targeted individually for the kind of attacks that she was subjected to is -- it was puzzling to me. >> the process also seems to be playing out with one of obama's top picks to lead the pentagon. the president was quick to praise republican former nebraska senator chuck hagel, but was just as quick to say he hadn't made up his mind. >> i haven't made a decision about who to nominate. >> anything disqualify him? >> not that i see. i have serbed with chuck hagel. he know him. is he somebody who served this country is w veil valor. >> he ran into stubborn resistance over the weekend from senate republicans like lynndie graham and tomko burn. >> there would be little republican support. there will be very few votes at the end of the day. >> i cannot vote for chuck hagel. >> why? >> simply because of the positions that he has taken and some of the statements that he has taken. >> meanwhile,
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Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm PST
attacks that they weren't acceptable. >> the president talking there about susan rice of course. >> if she had the least to do with benghazi, why did they roll her out as a human shield to be the one taking the fall for this? that's what i would have asked as a follow-up. >> an ambassador dead, no outrage, bob. >> it's a tragedy, but what it is, it became a republican talking point on the campaign. >> four dead americans is not a talking point, bob. >> i said it was a tragedy to start with, but you flipped, tried to ride this baby into election and it didn't work because nobody cared about it. >> no, we're genuine and people care about bloodshed overseas when they asked for security and it was denied and now the reports show it was negligent and asked to give support and they refused it and therefore, people died. >> what he later said in the interview was demonstrably false and this is the interview and it's actually the report that came out that that isn't the case, so, second thing i would ask is, so, was susan rice, i would have asked was susan rice your first choice as secretary of st
Dec 26, 2012 11:00am PST
there is no structure to defend him at all. >> here's the other thing about this. first with susan rice and now with chuck hegel. the white house continues to float the names for possible cabinet positions to have them shot down by folks on both sides of the aisle. how concerned should they be about the optics of this? >> very concerned. you are right. national security has been seen as president obama's big strength over the past four years. he heads into a second term. all of a sudden there is the impression that he can get the role. all it takes for senators like lindsay graham, john mccain to stand up and say no. one of his nominees would not get through. in some ways if chuck hegel is going to be the person you might end up seeing the white house having to fight doubly hard after what ended up happening to susan rice. there was the impression and the white house said john kerry was just in the mix of susan rice when the secretary of state job. because of the impression they let her withdraw her name increases the pressure that they go fighting for chuck hegel even if they have to lose in f
Dec 26, 2012 9:00pm PST
. >>> remember the whole susan rice fiasco a few weeks ago. we spent weeks arguing about who knew what over talking points someone else wrote. she withdrew her name from consideration for secretary of state before she was nominated for the job. no one expects john kerry's confirmation to be a problem. during the whole susan rice fight, there's no discussion over whether she would have been good at the job. there's not been much over whether kerry would be better. these inventing scandals can be obsessing, you spend so much time and energy running forensics on whatever claim, you're exhausted with the topic and you've learned nothing of value. that may be happening again with another high level cabinet post. >> senator graham, final question, can chuck hagel become secretary of defense if he's the president's nominee? >> a lot of republicans asking hard questions, i don't think he's going to get many republican votes. i like chuck, but his positions, i didn't know all of them. are out of the mainstream and well to the left of the president. i think it will be a challenging nomination, the he
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Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm EST
, she put out susan rice instead to do that. she has been a master so far of dodging responbility. lou: define a. >> except she can claim. she says, i accept responsibility before the president did. lou: it was such a stampede to accept responsibility that one gets lost and some o the numbers. but i think we have to point out that the facts are that she says ambassador rice appeared on those fox stations not at the request of secretary clinton but rather the white house itself. i don't know if that is a distinction without a difference . your final thoughts on benghazi. what we can reasonably hope for. the heck with hope for. what do you think we can reasonably expect here? >> what i think we should hope for is -- lou: okay. hope for. >> i think all this talk about susan rice is sort of a reflection from the real issue and the press release to ask these questions. i would like to think that this report will get to the bottom of it. it seems like everybody is turning the other way and running instead of taking responsibility for modifying the talking points. we knew within 12 hours of t
Dec 25, 2012 7:00am EST
is what is your position on susan rice? was she really that disqualified or was she railroaded by the right for political purposes? guest: that is hard to say. listen, she did not write those talking points that she read. she is taking the fall for what ultimately was a mistake. she has taken the fall for something that was not really her fault. from the republican perspective, somebody was going to have to -- should have paid the political price for making benghazi appeared to be a spontaneous protest gone awry, as opposed to what it was which was a terrorist attack. susan rice, because she was going to be nominated, got the unlucky number. i have heard both arguments. although i think it is fair to say that in no way did susan rice -- we have no information to suggest susan rice wrote the talking points based on the intelligence or was some way in that sense. the question remains -- did susan rice have a different, clearer picture from the classified information, and if she did, should she have not read what the unclassified talking points were? the context here before bengha
Dec 26, 2012 7:00pm EST
many bridges. >> susan rice -- she -- her whole chance of it being -- secretary of state i-floundered because of how benghazi was handled by the obama administration and handled by the state department. >> i think it was lot more than that. it was a long history of not getting along with john mccain and the moment he had the option, he used it. >> that's exactly right. i think -- hillary clinton iss trying to avoid entering into the susan rice situation where she is under pyre on capitol hill. for now the -- will keep the questions at bay. but come january, when she gets asked to come back to capitol hill, she will have to enter into this situation and answer the questions on capitol hill or else she will risk having a susan rice situation where she gets battered from -- >> put this aside. does she run and could she be a moderate republican? >> i think hillary clinton scares every single republican contender who is thinking about 2016 because if you looked at the primaries she won in 2008, she was winning rustbelt states and winning purple states. she is a real threat to th
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Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
of state clinton but given that report and the fact that susan rice pulled h her name out and is not going to be the next secretary of state, laura, is the benghazi controversy effectively over? >> i don't think so. so many questions that were still left open and a number of the senators addressed those this week after this report. we have gross negligence but the culpability doesn't reach the secretary's office. some of the information got to her and not enough information. and then hillary clinton suffers from the immaculate concussion. she doesn't show up to testify and maybe will testify in january. all seems a little too convenient. it is like the tree falls in the forerest no one is there to see it, did it really happen. it seems bizarre. hillary clinton could answer a lot of questions on camera and do a full press conference even if she didn't go to the hill to testify. as long as there are the unanswered questions. >> chris: she has never really answered quids. >> four dead americans and the secretary of state has refused to answer questions at a full-blown press conference or get
Dec 24, 2012 10:00am PST
we talk about trial balloons, especially in modern day politics, susan rice, trial balloon, you know, a lot of darts thrown at that one, and she, you know, took herself out of the running for that. hagel getting the same type of reaction, and as you point out, the fact that there is this social media component to all of this now. hagel's team kind of went into overdrive of spin, right? his former staff? >> yeah. well, the thing is, like, who is hagel's team? he hasn't been a senator for a while. he has been helping with national security with the president, but, you know, the white house can't really get involved to do that, so these nominees or potential nominees, as they are, really are left hung out to dry unless the president nominates them and then they'll have a team. >> to get the official nod. >> right. >> of course, you know, his former staffers and people who know him well went to try to defend him, but, you know, look, all these politicians wind up having their finger in the wind and lindsey graham says, well, i don't know, i like the guy, but the politics are really not t
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm PST
. something's wrong. it ended up being the wrangled poor susan rice's poor talking points. but even under that one, there was a bigger picture and a bigger december lesson that we can draw, which is the fighting in libya that produced the attack on the american consulate is part of the very long aftermath of what we used to call the arab spring. john kerry said we shouldn't call it that. it's going to take longer than one spring. and the people who did it were not members of the old al-qaeda. they were an off-shoot. they were inspired by al-qaeda. osama isn't there anymore. and that it's -- and the old al-qaeda probably doesn't have the capability to do 9/11 anymore but the problem of extremism is still out there and we have a very long way to go. >> i was going to ask about one topic you didn't touch on -- iran. looking back on what the president has had. have you seen any change on that approach? has he gone from containment of let them have the bomb but we'll manage it to a more con frontational issue? >> we're told that, in fact, over time, the president went through a long period of
FOX Business
Dec 23, 2012 8:00pm EST
from this job was a natural, obviously coming after susan rice, ambassador rice was, well, withdrew her name from consideration. joining us now, former pentagon official, fox is security analyst, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. what do you think of this appointment? >> i think it will be more of the same, only worse. i think -- i think his views and the presidents are essentially the same. the president saw it up close and personal. for years on the senate foreign relations committee. kerrey has been wrong on nuclear proliferation about half the area, wrong and dealing with russia on arms control and missile defense, wrong on china. i could go on, but i think that -- lou: we are about to run out of countries. >> the president got what he wanted. it will be more of the same. lou: to you agree? >> i think it is a pretty good choice. he won the election. he gets to choose. confirmed pretty readily? represents a sort of mainstream of american foreign policy, a little bit less for me, but not as far left as the first joist. lou: interesting, john mccain and others came out with
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Dec 27, 2012 1:00am PST
the benghazi attack after the susan rice fiasco she could have done a press conference maybe 20 or 30 minutes and answered questions. i'm going to testify for congress when we learn more. she could have done that. i think she is incredibly tough. she has an incredible schedule and she is i think if you are a democrat you have got to be really happy with mrs. clinton, no doubt about it. so i have a lot of respect for her in that regard. i'm telling you what people are saying. a fall how could that flatten hillary clinton hitting her head and if she did. i'm telling what you people are saying because when i tweeted a couple nights ago that i take her at her word, she fell and i hope she gets better, something like that. people were like how could you say that? there is so much skepticism out there. help us set the skepticism to rest. >> i don't think there is a lot of skepticism. i saw a poll, i think today that showed that her favorable ratings are 2 to 1. americans overall 60% favorable rating. >> you don't think there is anything to answer on benghazi. >> when time is appropriate and she is
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Dec 27, 2012 3:00pm PST
not to do the briefings on sunday shows. and sent susan rice instead. or september , 20 appeared before congress and gave what is described to me as short answers. certainly not forthcoming and not eager to answer the questions. >> doug: a.b., she said through the support she will testify before congressional committees and she will implement the recommendations made by the arb. >> i think she will. i don't think she has a choice. i think she wants to and i think she put it off. i believe as i said here before you don't lie when you're secretary of state about a concussion. it's not something you can get away with lying about. but i do believe that she is dreading it. but she will do it. she will answer the questions about whether or not people are truly punished as a result of the report. for security failures and other things in the state department. i think that the timing of it will be interesting. political pressure is put on the administration over john kerry's nomination hearings. and whether or not they will move forward with that until they hear from her. that could force her t
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Dec 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
? >> you heard a little, but also pressed on whether or not he did enough to support susan rice, who had been talked about as a potential nominee as secretary of state, and pulled back after the criticism of what she had said on those sunday talk shows, where critics were suggesting she was misleading the american public about whether this was a spontaneous reaction to that anti-muslim video, whether it was a terror attack. the president dismissed all of that, in his words, he said politically motivated attacks against susan rice and the the rest of the administration and then he went on to say this about the investigation. >> with respect to who carried it out, that's an ongoing investigation. the fbi has sent individuals to libya repeatedly. we have some very good leads, but this is not something that you know, i'm going to be at liberty to talk about right now. >> reporter: now, you mentioned the reaction, the fact that the president said we've got some pretty good leads into who did this whether it's al-qaeda or some other terrorist group. frustration from the republican said they'v
Dec 24, 2012 8:00am PST
is that will be causing some questions inside the senate particularly. there's been so much focused on susan rice, and the secretary of state. i don't know that people have been worrying as much about the next defense secretary. if there's anything you can say about him, he is his own man. while i think everyone likes him in the senate, it's not entirely clear how he would behave. there are some questions, for example, about his history on the homosexuals in the military. there's some questions about that. it's not entirely clear to me this will rise to the level as it did with susan rice, who remove her nomination in the last month or so. i don't know what the other options are, and with the secretary of state issue, you always had senator kerry as the option, which i think in the senate people were much more comfortable with that. if there were another name to be floated, that could either make former senator hagel's chances rise or fall. >> a clear backup plan. >> exactly. >> to the point you were making, gale rights groups speaking out against hagel, but he did have a written apology for an i
Dec 24, 2012 11:00am PST
balloons are getting defeated? first we have susan rice and that was arduous. until she took her name out of contention whatsoever. and now we see chuck hagel kind of going through the same thing on the onset. >> i agree with andrea's analysis. obama now is in a bad position if he does put forth hagel's name and a fight on the hands and then ask why bother? find someone else. >> bob, is that the same assessment you would give or does the president need to say, you know what? if this is the person that i want this is the person that i've got to go for and let the chips fall where they may? >> i think a big picture is president obama wants to lower the temperature in washington and why susan rice's names is withdrawn. that would have been a fight. i don't think he's seeking needless points and vowed to change washington. that didn't happen in the first term and tired of the showdowns and the fights with congress. i think he'll avoid them if he can and a bad sign for chuck hagel. he is hit from the left and the right. that's not a good sign. >> my thanks to both of you. lynn sweet, bob cusac
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
-tablet free trial. >>> from essentially blocking ambassador susan rice's nomination as secretary of state to making early waves of chuck hagel's possible nomination, some prominent senators are throwing the weight around in the cabinet shuffle. let's bring back our gaggle. thank you so much for being on the show once again. this is an interesting thing, robert. you're seeing this sort of nominees come out from the white house and they're just being eviscerated right off the bat without having a hearing. >> i have never seen a white house do this before. let the nominees quote/unquote, twist in the wind. this is the second time. chuck hagel has no friends on the left or the right because of the senate days and things he said as a united states senator. i don't think this is wise for any white house, regardless of republican or democrat to do this. because when you let someone hang out there and let them be defined by the other, it's not fair to their reputation and the nomination deserves a white house backing. >> it takes two here where you also have not seen a situation where the opposit
Dec 26, 2012 1:00pm PST
choice. you know, especially coming after the entire susan rice thing. they could have forced republicans to knock down susan rice in a more official way. but they let him get away without more heat. >> i love the idea that instead of a republican no offense to the republican party believe it or not coming from me, i would love to see this woman be nominated because as you point out, her qualifications are stellar. i think perhaps some republicans have been praising her for some of the wrong reasons. the truth is she has an incredible reputation. >> she has an incredible reputation. it would be a ground breaking nomination. first woman secretary of defense. i also love the fact she has young children and a family. that's just an amazing role model type of thing there. so i would like to see her in the position like i said. now my feelings are all complicated because i think maybe chuck hagel is the top choice. and if he is the top choice, then he should get the job and this should be heard in a confirmation hearing, but i think michele would be an amazing secretary of defense. >> well, it
Dec 30, 2012 7:00am EST
.n. ambassador susan rice. how has that, how has her withdrawal affected kind of what's going to be happening with that position in terms of nomination process? guest: very unusual situation. secretary of state clinton has been talking for most of the year about her desire to retire. and for several years those who cover the white house has always been assumed susan rice would be a major candidate. and of course that's kind of what happened. host: but she was never formally nominated. guest: no she wasn't. president obama hadn't gotten around to it. the administration kind of got out the word that rice could very well likely be the nominee to replace clinton. once that hit the hill it started meeting objections. a lot of republican senators objected because of the benghazi situation. you'll recall there was an attack on the consulate on september 11th. initially the administration said it was because of an protest of an anti-islam film that got out of hand. that's what susan rice said five days after the attack. it turns out it was a pre-planned terrorist attack. so a lot of criticism over wh
FOX News
Dec 26, 2012 8:00pm PST
the susan rice fiasco with her nomination? >> i think you are right that there are some democrats who want to have a conversation about some pieces of senator haggle's record. that makes him interesting and good choice he once earned two purple hearts. is he a maverick. his whole career. >> laura: why is that a good thing necessarily? again i'm not trying to be difficult. winning two purple hearts is amazing and we celebrate his honor and service. that doesn't have anything to do with why is he a good choice now when both democrats and republicans seem to have real problems with him. seems odd way floating someone as secretary of defense. >> he has a military background. he has a senate background. he has a cost cutting background. he was a business background. administration background. he comes to the table an independent streak that makes him not part of the partisan bickering in washington that people are sick of. while it's perfectly conversation. mitch mcconnell said our number one goal is is to defeat president obama. there is a sense that a lot of republicans want to just block eve
FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 7:00pm PST
the attacks before september 11th, the april and june attack? and i want to know if it's true that susan rice said the reason she went on tv, susan rice, on the 16th of september, not hillary clinton, was because secretary clinton was tired in counseling people who were grief stricken. >> she told you that? >> she told the world on nbc news. i'm very curious about that. we don't know anything about the president's leadership. i promise your viewers this, before you can close the final chapter on benghazi, the debacle that led to four americans getting killed when you could see it coming months before, what did the president do when he found out about the security detieriation? when the british left, why didn't we leave? somebody has to hold the president accountable himself. i intend to do that, along with my other colleagues. >> what i don't understand, i understand you are in the minority and you can't issue subpoenas. >> right. >> you don't understand your colleagues that have the majority. they chair all the committees and they are just as able to send out subpoenas to get people to testi
Dec 26, 2012 10:00am PST
hagel is like a man, who was like susan rice, not nominated for anything. susan rice took a pelting for a job she was not officially nominated for. chuck hagel is someone who hasn't been nominated for secretary of defense but is someone who is rumored to be that person. i think we saw an indication of what the administration was doing to, in a way to protect hagel, and i'm thinking of specifically the criticisms of hagel and what he had said during the whole "don't ask, don't tell" fight and things that -- i'm sorry, about the nomination of jim hormel to be ambassador to luxembourg back in the '90s. he said the ambassador was openly aggressively homosexual. hagel took a pummelling for a few hours, few days, then miraculously, there was an apology from chuck hagel. there were phone calls from the white house to gay groups. >> seems to me it shows you the toughest place to be in washington right now is a moderate independent, especially if you're moving forward into the public light. both sides have at you. >> right, both sides. again, as we talk about all the time, the partisan natur
Dec 28, 2012 10:00am PST
are blocked before they are nominated as we have just seen with susan rice. and we may be in the process of seeing with chuck hague well will is a real -- effect -- i mean, this has a real effect on the country which i think is lost on a lot of people. we get caught up in the politics of it all. you have these very important agencies and very important ten epts of government that are left without a leader and left without the ability to do the job of the american people need them to do. and it -- it -- it creates a lot of strife. >> well, it does. it also doesn't do much important the image of congress which could hardly sink any lower but somehow it does keep sinking lower. it kind of adds to the sense of dysfunction in washington. as you say, it does have practical has practical affects for instance the environmental protection agency, the lisa jackson is leaving at the administrator. >> right. >> that's an agency that probably needs a very, you know, strong leader to pursue its mission because it's so politically controversial. >> lastly, you think that it shouldn't be in president ob
FOX Business
Dec 26, 2012 7:00pm EST
of another tragedy, september 11 murder of fourwe americans in benghazi. susan rice yesterday withdrew her name from consideration too be secretary of state. the move comes after weeks of criticism over comments rice made regarding the attacks in benghazi in an interview with williams, she was asked if she was blameless for the controversy. thi speak i don't think anybody is ever fully blame, but i didn't do anything wrong, did not mislead, did not misrepresent, i did the best with information united states government had at thete time. >lou: here's what ambassador rie did say five days after onl benghazi. >> the best information we have today is this was not a pre-planned, premeditated what happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. lou: she said nobody is blameless. joining us now, fox news middlen east analyst. it is great to have you with us. your reaction first to her claim she did not misrepresent, did not lie about what happened in benghazi. >> she may be mistaking the version of national security given
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 12:00pm PST
. >> now we know. >> jon: and to continue jim's latin run, personae, ambassador susan rice was spawned by the abhorrent video. then when there was different story behind it she withdraw her tomorrow nation to be secretary of state -- she withdrew her nomination. >> when i went on the sunday shows on september 16th i was doing just as i have always done providing the best information available to me and available to our government at the time. i was very careful to explain that the information was preliminary and it could change. yet i think it was misconstrued and contorted to something much more nefarious that was not my intention. >> jon: having worked at the u.n., what do you think of that explanation? >> i have seen the u.n. ambassador's deck. there is classified computer on that desk. i know she has entire staff that is geared toward intelligence gathering. to is suggest she was handed talking points at the end of the process and just repeat these is bold faced live. she watches on the classified system how the points of are developed. she knows what is supposed to be fact or what
Dec 27, 2012 3:00am PST
for the president of the united states? this is the second nominee that he's had rolled on him? susan rice being the first and now chuck hagel, perhaps? >> first, as you say, chuck hagel's a good man, and i think there's worse things for this country than having a secretary of defense who's a veteran who really knows things and is somewhat reluctant to use military force. i actually like secretaries of defense who are often reluctant to use military force. it ought to be something we only do carefully. if the president, in fact, backs away from chuck hagel, i think it's a loss for this country. and also, it's bad for the president, and it also raises questions about the tactics. this whole idea floating trial balloons, essentially you put somebody out there. they're vulnerable. they become a pinata. people whack at them. even if they get through, they're weakened for the experience. i'll be honest with you, i don't understand this political process. if you really want people to get confirmed, from day one when you put them out there, you back them. i don't understand this int interregnum. >> wha
Dec 24, 2012 8:00am PST
on in surprising backlash. good morning to you. i think a lot of people thought after susan rice's nomination for secretary of state went away and everybody thought, okay, here's john kerry. he's going to sail through the confirmation process. so is chuck hagel. i think a lot of people were surprised by this news. what happened? >> well, you know, in the classic washington case, people are asking the question, was hagel a trial balloon being floated that's already getting holes poked in it. not nominated yet, but all the chatter had been he was the front runner to be president obama's choice as secretary of defense. no announcement. the silence is deafening from the white house. but the opposition already mounting. a lot of criticism coming from both republicans and democrats about some of hagel's positions while he served in the senate. i have to tell you over the last several years he's been known as somewhat of an independent maverick. concerns about his position on iran, was he strong enough about iran being a terrorist state, about voting for sanctions against iran. but a lot of it folks
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Dec 26, 2012 12:00pm PST
like the susan rice situation, the u.n. embassador who never got nominated but there was criticism to the president pulled it back. john kerry getting that nomination. there's frustration among the president's supporters that he's leaving names out and not moving ahead but the fiscal cliff negotiations are dominating his time. >> the fiscal cliff and diamond head in the background and waikiki beach. ed, safe trip home. >>> joining us, from u.s. news and world report, ken walsh. who is going to come to the rescue, anybody? >> looks like there's a road block at every critical juncture point here. it looks like now the ball's in the senate's court, to mix met force. the house failed to get to a vote with speaker boehner's plan. it looks like the best they can do, really, is some kind of a partial agreement that -- with some of the fiscal cliff provisions are going to take effect on january 1st. this is what everybody was hoping would not happen but it looks imminent. >> let's just say your scenario's right and the temporary fix comes from the senate and harry reid but it has to go bac
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Dec 26, 2012 7:00pm PST
the hook for his statements about al-qaeda in who knows. susan rice isn't the story. hillary's head injury isn't a story although it's a strange part of the story. the real scandal is who pushed the video and why the media? the media became the three monkeys combined. they saw no evil, they heard no evil and they spoke no evil. they took themselves out of the story and nothing is a big deal to them when it happens to obama. >>> and two more, general petreas resigning after the scandal. >> the lesson is don't have a hot biographer. again, the petreas element to this is a sideshow but it wasn't a sideshow to the media because the media felt it was at this t. >> and why is anyone paying attention to this creep? it's a scandal he's considered talented. i would not share a hot tub with him, as kimberly said to me before this segment started. >> you know i love the hot tub. >> the problem is he has cache because he rapid anti-american lyrics. once you start talking about america in a negative way, that you gain leverage and respect in the entertainment community. he may act like he's story and m
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Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm PST
and libya and tragic story that led to susan rice missing her opportunity to be secretary of state and still republicans driving hard to get answers. last one for me greta and then i will stop talking. the fiscal cliff happening right now. what kind of government should we have and what sort of taxes and spending and who should pay what and end the year with a story about everything that touching scenion do with government that we have been arguing about since the start of the election. >> greta: let's have some fun stuff. linn sanity. >> i particularly enjoyed linn sanity. a wonderful story because he was a guy who came from out of no where who had been cut, released, overlooked by other people but also just didn't fit the type of an nba star are that we see in the modern era. an asian american. a short guy who basically took hold of the team in the biggest media market in the country and led the new york nixon this terrific winning streak. petered out a little bit. still needs to work on turnovers. having mixed success in houston. that was sentimentally that was my favorite story of the ye
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Dec 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
. if that is flexibility, we all better learn to be very flexible the next four years. earlier this month susan rice withdrew her name from consideration from post of secretary of state. that's after strong opposition to her potential nomination. republicans were critical of her after she went on five different sunday news shows. she gave this explanation for the terrorist attacks that killed four americans in benghazi, libya on september 11th. >> the best assessment we have is that in fact this was not a pre planned, premeditated attack. what happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. it was a consequence of the video that people gathered outside the embassy, and then it grew very violent. those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons which unfortunately are quite common in post revolutionary libya. that then spun out of control. but we don't see at this point signs that this was a coordinated, planned premeditated attack. >> obviously somebody saw it that way. sworn testimony indicates that within a day they saw it as a very concerti
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